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Awake Beautiful Child

Awake Beautiful Child


Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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This beautiful book writted by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s and illustrated by Gracia Lam, is not, strictly speaking, an alphabet book. It tells a story that uses only three words on each page, all of which, like the title, begin with A, B and C. The story is by necessity pared down to almost nothing: A boy wakes up — “All Begins Cheerily” — and moves through a family breakfast (“Adorable Baby Coos”) and out into nature, where “Above, Birds Chirp.” Later there’s a birthday party, a nap, a trip to the city, a bath and a bedtime story. The wordplay is so delightful, and Rosenthal conveys a message of gratitude for all the simple wonders that can be found if you really dig into the routines of our daily life.