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ABC Dream

ABC Dream


Kim Krans

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This beautiful book by Kim Krans is one striking example. Her book only features letters, no other words, only visual clues to words that begin with the featured letter. For each one, she’s composed a kind of highly stylized still life, with the letter prominently sized in a typographic font, outlined in black against an ample white background. And each letter is accompanied by drawing, and readers will have to pause a moment to figure some of them out — for example: the bird on the page for Q, must be a quail, the coins must be quarters.
There are beautiful touches of watercolor here and there, but white space and black lines, dominate. The composition is so lovely to look at and has a soothing yet sturdy effect. You can picture virtually any of these pages emblazoned on a coffee mug or tattooed on someone’s upper arm, yet they come together beautifully as a classic children’s alphabet book.