New Mom Wishlist: The Absolute Essentials

First time mom? New to all of this? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We know the feeling, and got you covered. This list will give you the absolute essentials, a nothing-but-the-basics newborn wishlist guide. And we’ve added our favorite items in each category, just to help you on your way ;-)


✓ 4-8 basic rompers or bodysuits – we love the 100% cotton crossneck longsleeve rompers from Petit Bateau or the organic cotton stretch rompers from HEMA. Get them in size 50/56 for those early newborn days.

✓ 4-8 one-piece pajamas -Some of our favorites are the Petit Bateau Velour Sleepsuit and this organic cotton newborn suit from Gray Label.

1 jacket or vest - depending on the season you might need a jacket or a sweater for your little one. For autumn and winter babies we recommend this soft fleece jacket from 1+ in the family and the soft cashmere blend knitted pullover from Imps & Elfs. For the spring and summer babies opt for a lighter cardigan such as this cute knitted cardigan from Petit Bateau.

✓ 1 sleeping bag – the LAB linnen white sleeping bag or the Numero 74 sleeping bags are nice options. Or if you are just looking for a cute basic sleeping bag, opt for the HEMA basic sleeping bag; it’s definitely a good value-for-money!

✓ 1-3 jumpsuits or other dress-up outfits – where to begin, we have so many favorites: This adorable dressed up onesie from Gray Label, The beautiful Grey Jumpsuit from 1+ in the family, Black Bow tie babysuit from House of Jamie, this cute Babe & Tess camel suit and for those little baby girls, this cute grey dress from +1 in the family. These all make such adorable newborn outfits.

✓ 4-7 socks or baby booties – shoes are unnecessary until the baby can walk – we love the Kids to Kids Pink Pompom Socks and the Dark Grey Pompom Socks . As for the baby booties; the Gray Label Raw Edged Booties and the 1+ in the family slippers are so soft and definite must haves for those tiny feet.

✓ 1-3 hats – broad-brimmed for a summer baby, and a soft cap that covers ears for winter baby. We love the simple and classic House of Jamie bow tie hat and the adorable 1+ in the family furry hat with ears. But if you want a little more basic but still very soft, this soft cashmere beanie by Ketiketa! It’s perfect!

Baby Nursery

✓ Crib, cradle or bassinet – the light grey Laurette convertible baby bed, the rounded Flexa Play Baby Bed or the Oeuf Sparrow Crib are lovely options and all come in various colors.

✓ Firm, flat mattress – a good mattress should fit snugly in crib (less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib) and should be breathable. Aerosleep ensures that your baby can breathe freely in a healthy and safe sleeping environment. The mattress comes in various sizes; a 60x120cm mattress fits in the Flexa Baby Bed or a standard 70x140cm mattress is perfect for the Oeuf Sparrow Crib.

Mattress protector – we recommend the Aerosleep Baby Protect. It comes in the standard 70x140cm and the 60x120cm and various other sizes.

✓ 2-4 fitted crib sheets – for a breathable fitted sheet, the Aerosleep Fitted Sheet is perfect. Add the Aerosleep mattress, mattress protector and fitted sheets to your wishlist and you’re all set.

✓ 4-6 soft, light receiving blankets – It’s good to have a variety of blankets. To make up the crib, to keep your little one warm on the road, but some blankets are also perfect for swaddling. Our favorites are this soft Striped Baby blanket from 1+ in the family, the ecru blanket from Pequeno Tocon for on the road, and these beautiful swaddle blanket from Moumout.

✓ Changing table or low dresser or bureau, with safety strap or railing - We love this simple, yet beautiful changing table from Combelle.

Changing table pad - the HEMA basic changing pad is a good option as it fits on most changing tables or dressoirs, but we also really love this Oeuf NYC eco-friendly changing pad.

1-2 changing table pad cover – The Imps & Elfs organic changing pad cover and Budtzbendix all make beautiful changing pad covers, in various colors.

1 Heating pad or jar – a heating pad or jar is a good way to keep your baby’s crib at just the right temperature, especially during those cold winter months. This KipKep Heating pad can do just that, but can also be used to relieve those awful baby’s cramps during the first months.

✓ 1 Baby Bouncer – The simple BabyBjorn Bouncer is an ideal bouncer to add to your wishlist.

Newborn Care & Health

1 baby bath or tummy tub - The Bebe-Jou Thermobath is a good option. But go for the foldable Stokke Flexi Bath if your bathroom space is limited.

1-2 bath capes -  Moumout makes such beautifully ones, or opt for a modern look from Numero 74.

1 set of newborn care products - we are in love with everything from NAÏF, which is why this NAÏF Baby Starter Set cannot be missed from your wishlist. It includes diaper cream, nurturing cream, a milky bath oil, soothing massage oil, cleansing wash gel and softening body lotion. All products are of course 100% organic.

1 pack unscented baby wipes – especially for the early dayes, unscented baby wipes are less likely to cause irritation.

6 soft washcloths – we love the 100% cotton HEMA wash cloths

✓ 2-3 large boxes of disposable newborn-size diapersPampers Newborn Diapers have never failed us.

✓ Baby vanity set – this Luma vanity set includes a nail file, baby nail clippers and scissors

✓ Baby thermometer – this basic digital thermometer does the trick

✓ Baby hair brush – we think this soft wooden one is such a cute addition to the nursery dressing area.

Pre- and postlabour care set  – Most health insurance policies include this care package for free. Check with your health insurance provider if this is covered in your insurance.

 1 baby phone Philips Avent makes a very reliable one.


6-12 burp cloths or hydrophilic cloth diapers – Yes, you read it right. Get a lot, you’ll need them for almost anything. We love the basic hydrophilic cloth from HEMA or this one from Annabel Kern. And our favorite bibs: the Classic Kids to Kids bibs with soft animal embroidery, the super chic House of Jamie collar bib or the square bib from Numero 74.

✓ Breast Pump – if you plan to breastfeed, we can really recommend the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

✓ Milk storage cups – if you plan to breastfeed, milk storage cups can come in very handy. We have used both the Medela storage bottles and the Philips Avent storage cups. Both good options.

✓ Nursing pads - To avoid leaking breasts (yikes!) we recommend the Medela disposable nursing pads

2-3 nursing bra’s – We love the practical and soft HEMA nursing bra, the chic and comfortable Noppies nursing bra, and the Cache Coeur sexy nursing bra. Because well, we all need to feel sexy again at some point.

✓ 1 newborn bottle set - to get started with bottle feeding, we recommend the Philips Avent Newborn Starters kit

✓ Newborn formula (if not breastfeeding) – while this really depends on your baby, our mommy panel love Biobim & Holle.

1 bottle sterilizer – we can recommend the Philips Avent Bottle Sterilizer

1 bottle warmer – The Philips Avent bottle warmer is a good option


On the road

Infant or convertible car seat - A good option is the Maxi Cosi Pebble together with the Maxi Cosi Family fix.

1 diaper bag  it took us a while to find a perfect diaper bag. And we couldn’t be happier with this cool sporty diaper bag from Lassig.

1 baby stroller (including carry cot) – choosing the right strollerrequires some research and testing. We tried quite a few and these are our favorites are the black-on-black Bugaboo Bee and the beautifully designed Joolz Day Studio. But newcomer Greentom is also winning our hearts with this 100% green stroller.

Baby carrier – Go for a baby carrier that grows with your baby. You can use the BabyBjorn One from 0-15 months, and you can easily readjust it so mom & dad can take turns carrying the baby.

✓ Baby wrap  – For those early newborn weeks a baby wrap is an ideal way to keep your little one close to you, while at the same time giving you freedom to carry one with your daily life. It takes a little patience to learn how to wrap your baby, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a second nature. We absolutely love the ByKay Denim Baby Wrap. 



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